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Washington Sturgeon fishing and Oregon Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing guides are able to bring you Salmon and Steelhead and Sturgeon limits from this Columbia River fishing hotspot. The action is non-stop for Salmon, Coho, and Silver Salmon and Chinook Salmon throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest but the absolute best fishing is at Buoy10 and during the best times local fishing guides can get limits in just a few hours.
Sturgeon fishing guides is dedicated to promotion of the outdoor opportunities of the northwest. Fishing and camping is better in the Northwest than anywhere else in the world. Pick out a guide or resort and start planning the outdoor adventure of a life time.

Sturgeon fishing guides

The Columbia river offers year round Sturgeon fishing. For keeper sturgeon Sturgeon fishing guides fish Astoria, Oregon. Saltwater Sturgeon are very good eating.  Trophy sturgeon are caught by Washington fishing guides and Oregon fishing guides below the Bonneville Dam.

Information and how to catch Sturgeon on the Columbia River and some popular Columbia River Sturgeon fishing guides.

  • Bonneville dam Sturgeon fishing with Shad for bait gives people a chance to catch trophy Sturgeon and Oversize Sturgeon.

  • The lower Columbia in the Astoria area below the Astoria-Megler bridge is a popular place to catch Sturgeon from Oregon or Washington.

  • Charters and charter boats for Oregon and Washington fishing guides on the Columbia River catch Sturgeon year round.

  • Snake river Sturgeon are very large and Snake River Sturgeon fishing guides know the waters and where to catch over size Sturgeon.

  • Sturgeon baits and tips for catching Sturgeon can be found at How To Catch Sturgeon websites.

  • Columbia River Sturgeon information can be found at Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Guides websites.

  • Sturgeon ranging from 8 to 11 feet (2.5 to 3.5 m) in length are by no means scarce, and can grow to a much larger size.

  • Sturgeon are bottom-feeders. With their projecting wedge shaped snout they stir up the soft bottom, and by means of their sensitive barbells detect shells, crustaceans and small fish, on which they feed. Having no teeth, they are unable to seize larger prey.

N.W. Sturgeon Adventures

We offer 1/2 and full day sturgeon trips on the Scenic Columbia and Willamette rivers in Portland, Oregon or just minutes away. We run a fully covered and heated custom 2006 22ft Alumaweld for your comfort and safety. With over 25 years fishing for sturgeon, I can guarantee you a fun filled adventurous day. Sturgeon is the ONLY thing we fish for so if you want to fish for Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Carp or Catfish you'll need to find another fishing guide service. If you want to fish for Sturgeon contact N.W. Sturgeon Adventures for the best STURGEON FISHING ONLY experience you'll find.
N.W. Sturgeon Adventures

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A pair of happy clients battled a huge Columbia River Sturgeon. Thanks to Columbia River Sturgeon fishing guide, Brandon McGavran of Columbia River Fishing Guide Service for the photo on the right. Brandon fishes for over-size Sturgeon, keeper Sturgeon and knows how to catch Sturgeon on the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon and all the way from Astoria Oregon to just below Bonneville dam.

Information About Sturgeon

Sturgeon (Acipenser) is a genus of fish, of which some twenty different species are known, from European, Asiatic and North American rivers. They pass a great part of the year in the sea, but periodically ascend large rivers, some in spring to deposit their spawn, others later in the season for some unknown purpose; only a few of the species are exclusively confined to fresh water. No species occur in the tropics or in the southern hemisphere.

In Russia the fisheries are of immense value. Early in summer the fish migrate into the rivers or towards the shores of freshwater lakes in large shoals for breeding purposes. The ova are very small, and so numerous that one female has been calculated to produce about three million in one season. The ova of some species have been observed to hatch within a very few days after exclusion. Probably the growth of the young is very rapid, but we do not know how long the fry remain in fresh water before their first migration to the sea †.

After they have attained maturity their growth appears to be much slower, although continuing for many years. Frederick the Great placed a number of them in the Garder See Lake in Pomerania about 1780; some of these were found to be still alive in 1866. Professor von Baer also states, as the result of direct observations made in Russia, that the Hausen (Acipenser huso) attains to an age of 100 years.

Sturgeon Fishing Guides are booking trips on the Upper & Lower Columbia River, including Buoy 10, Willamette River, Tillamook Bay, Nehalem Bay & Clackamas River for Salmon/Steelhead, Shad & Sturgeon.

We specialize in Oversize sturgeon, these fish range in size from 6 feet to ? and often break the surface of the water to make for an excellent photo. You’ll be fishing with Coast Guard licensed guide Bill Gaither in a 24’ Willie Raptor open sled. All the bait and gear is provided for the species of fish you are going after, with hot coffee and lunch provided.

What techniques they use or what baits and rigs they, what depth of water they fishes in, what colors of lures they use and several other things determine what they will use to catch fish the next day.

Sturgeon fishing guides call friends and competitors to see what has happened and what's going on at hot spots all around the area. Then they factors in everything else they can to determine what they will use the next day. Then they ready their boat and equipment accordingly. THE STEELHEAD, SALMON, STURGEON AND SHAD DON'T STAND A CHANCE!

In countries like England, where few sturgeons are caught, the fish is consumed fresh, the flesh being firmer than that of ordinary fish, well flavored, though somewhat oily. The sturgeon is included as a royal fish in an act of King Edward II, although it probably only rarely graces the royal table of the present period, or even that of the lord mayor of London, who can claim all sturgeons caught in the Thames above London Bridge. Where sturgeons are caught in large quantities, as on the rivers of southern Russia and on the great lakes of North America, their flesh is dried, smoked or salted. The ovaries, which are of large size, are prepared for caviar, for this purpose they are beaten with switches, and then pressed through sieves, leaving the membranous and fibrous tissues in the sieve, whilst the eggs are collected in a tub. The quantity of salt added to them before they are finally packed varies with the season, scarcely any being used at the beginning of winter.

Thanks to From Wikipedia for the information above.


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